Our week

This was an incredibly busy week for us and I’ll be lucky to remember just what we accomplished.


History: Nineveh, Habakkuk and Huldah, Babylonian Captivity, Nebuchadnezzar II and the Hanging Gardens, Daniel and Aesop’s Fables. I made them draw the Hanging Gardens and do the pretest and post tests.


Science: That didn’t happen for the youngers this week, so I might read some of chapter 2 in Zoo 2 tonight to them. We are on whales. The Ark listened to days 1-3 and answered the questions. I also made him draw two of the cells.

Math~ The Princess took week 19 test and started week 20. The Peanut also did math. The Ark finished up week 9, he did ok on his exam.

English~ The Ark did 2 lessons in grammar, 4 days of spelling, wrote a book review on Theras and His Town. Ace did 3 lessons of grammar and 4 days of spelling, wrote me two book reviews. The Princess did 2 lessons of grammar, and only 4 pages of phonics, she did read for me this week.

Both of the boys drew almost every day, as did the princess. The Ark did a music lesson on Music Ace.

Latin~ is going slowly, I made the boys review the chapters that they have been struggling with. I make them get on the flash deck that is offered by the publisher of their latin, to practice their vocabulary. They will take the test for those chapters on Monday and then start the next chapter.

The Ark made it to confirmation class and went to a concert at our church last Sunday night. Swim team practice on monday night was cancelled.

I have been reading the Prayer of Jabez to them and we finally finished it, now we will start on the devotional book for the next 31 days. I also have been reading them The God King and The Black Ships Before Troy.

We also took our first fall nature hike last saturday. The kids loved it! We hiked 1.8 miles and it was a level 3 hike that had lots of ups and downs to it. I will post some pictures when I get a chance.

While I still see the need for more improvement we are not doing so bad considering the amount of time I have to be away from them. Just have to keep up the momentum, I guess.



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