The First October Birthday……A couple of photos….still looking for the one I want.

Today is Ace’s 10th birthday…….since I already had 4 children born in October, I was a bit stressed because I didn’t want him to come on his sister Kendra’ birthday which is tomorrow…….(blog post about her tomorrow) I have done that once and while they think it is cool now, Renee was none too happy as a child to share her special day. I was sleeping poorly, the husband was at work, when I got up to use the bathroom, slept walked back to bed only to get up 10 minutes later, repeat the cycle and after about 3-4 times of that I woke up enough to realize I was in labor. I called the husband at work and said you gotta come home…..his reply? “Can’t I finish ordering the store first?” “NO!!!!!!!!! The contractions are 9-10 minutes apart”. I called my friend Diane next and told her to hurry up, and then I tried to get comfortable and relax….but alas, baby was not in a good position and although I had plenty of strong contrx. he just wouldn’t get down to the business of being born. I got into the tub a couple of times tried to sleep, finally I had some kind of intuition that wasn’t really focus but I told Diane, that I had to get out of the tub and go upstairs to my bed….She freaked, “You won’t make it!” (there were a lot of stairs and they were steep) but I knew that I had to. I got up in the tub, had a contrx, got to the foot of the stairs had another, made it to the top of the stairs had another, made it to my bed, and felt his head moving, laid down and I think about 5 minutes later his head was crowning. I touched his head, and knew he was a boy, next thing I hear is him screaming, which would become a constant in my life over the next few months. within a minute after that he was born and on my chest a perfect baby boy who was just the tiniest bit blue in the hands and feet, they pinked up rather quickly. He weighed in at 9#8 ozs and boy was I in pain afterwards, every time my bed was shook by people I thought I would shatter into glass….not something that made recovery easy.

By the time he was 3 weeks old I knew that we had a problem, he was extremely fussy and had dropped too much weight. I took him to my favorite chiropractor and we quickly diagnosed him with having sensory integration disorder which is now called Sensory Perception Disorder and is considered on the realm of the Autistic Spectrum. It was a rough first year with him, complicated by my children all catching whooping cough from my older children who had been vaccinated, and spread it to my little unvax’ boys. But we survived and he did finally put on weight and became quite chubby as a toddler.

At 10 he is quite funny, although I wish he didn’t have SPD, it is hard to get him to focus on his schoolwork and I worry about how difficult college will be for him. We had a few rough times during the spring and summer with his SPD but they have mellowed out for a bit. It seems as if we struggle through every change and every learning stage.

He is becoming a bit better at independent learning and getting his chores done but not anywhere near where I need/want him to be. Soon I hope.

I wrote this poem for him while I was pregnant with the Princess and we were still nursing:

Nursing Joys

Sunday, May 19, 200

A toddling baby with arms raised, reaches for me to be picked
 up and held.
Blond hair, blue eyes and a smile that says "nurse me 
"Ok" say I "but only for a few minutes I have work to do,
" minutes pass  in shared bonding. Chunky baby fingers 
smushing the breast.
When asked if done yet, I get a grin while milk slides down the
 corner of his mouth to his chin with a 'noooo'
"Ok," again I say "only a few more minutes" he smiles happily
 and nurses on.
The joys of nursing a toddler,  I wouldn't trade them for the

I have to dig up photos but will do that later and then edit this post. I included the birth story because one day I'm going to take my
blog posts from both of my blogs and make a book for my kids of my writings.


2 thoughts on “The First October Birthday……A couple of photos….still looking for the one I want.

  1. Happy Birthday Ace!

    I didn’t realize what a “crunchy mama” you were! Home birthing, anti-vax, breastfeeding. I learned a lot about you this post.

    Children with special needs are a challenge. He sounds like he is very lucky to have you as a mother.

  2. Hi Kristy,
    Yes, I am…although I don’t mention it much. Today I really felt led by the Lord to share this story, have no idea why, just followed His pushing….I tend to not share as much as I should at times and while I’m ok with it, I think that perhaps God wants more from me than that. I struggle with the whole sharing of me thing, I would rather listen to someone else and then make comments or share a bit then.

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