I’m a terrible blogger lately

I’m sorry dear friends…..I just don’t have enough time or energy to write much lately and do you really want to listen to me whine and complain about my classes? I didn’t think so, I love what I’m doing and everything but it is hard and I’m very tired alot lately.

Not much else is going on but some type of schooling every day. Confirmation for the almost teenager, bible study for me, sunday school and church for all of us.

I’m catching a horrid cold and hoping to kick it before Weds. since I have an exam that day and Thursday. Kids seem to be doing well for the most part, trying to motivate them to learn on their own is tough going but I think we might finally be getting somewhere. I just need to really get on them more about it, I think.

I still love my new toys ~ aka~ macbookpro and iTouch, I finally got my rebate and now can buy my iPhone 4, this upcoming week. We shut off our verizon cell since I was getting horrid service from them and their customer service is even worse here. So off to AT &T I go, but since I’m a mac geek that should be a fun thing. I can’t wait to take some photos with the iPhone…..especially ones of the archaeology lab at the university. They have some really cool things there for you to see. The Ark is going to get to have the iTouch when I get my phone since Kendra and Husband will have nano’s. I’m going to give the Princess my old shuffle since it is pink and then only Ace needs a shuffle and then our whole family will have ipods or something in which to listen to their music on. Making us very happy, since I won’t have to listen to the husband’s music anymore…..or him mine…….

I did a bit of xmas shopping today since i had gift cards for Toys R Us. I bought the  boys more playmobile’s. The Ark and the Peanut got jungle and Ace got the Sphinx to go with his Egyptian’s…..I also bought the Peanut some trio since the boys will all play with those, although I wish they wouldn’t build guns with them. I bought Kendra Orbeez…..don’t ask me why my almost 16 yr old wanted them but that is what she asked for…we might get the Princess another American Girl Doll but she has been told it will be her last….she really wants Lanie since she is all about nature and so is my princess. I’m brainwashing the child into being a stay at home mom, or at least that is what a psychologist would say. She calls her AGD’s “her children”……

Have no idea what to get the husband for xmas yet but I want some stuff from LL Bean since they have a robe and a coat that I want as well as a pair of boots. Not that I will get them but dreaming is nice.

This is just random wants and nothing of substance…hopefully soon I will post something of meaning.

Have a blessed weekend.


2 thoughts on “I’m a terrible blogger lately

    • Sorry Kristy but I have to talk xmas when I”m on a limited budget and they have buy two get one free sales. Geekiness is a good thing. Thanks, I miss writing sometimes but you know how it goes when your plate is overfilled.

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