A very quick post

My life is crazy as my Church year gears up and I’m at the end of the second week of college classes. The kids have been doing a bit better this year, I give my getting up early and The Ark the credit for that. He has taken on much more responsibility for getting his work done, he is still struggling with Science since it is so hard but I’m sure we will get it together eventually. The Princess was able to read a harder book with some help today and she did two lessons of math on her own……I need to get the Peanut to do his schoolwork, so that when the boys come home from the dentist I can help them get done.

Today I paid two more bills so that they were out of the way, I need to get a menu plan for the next week and also shopping done but it is stepping in the right direction I think. I have a lot of classwork to do this weekend but hopefully I will get it done so that on Monday we can do something as a family, a hike in Summit County would be great or maybe our annual trip to Squires Castle…..

Our new Parish Administrator is printing and sending out the postcards for my youth group for me and I so appreciate it. I had done the postcard but needed to print them and get labels on them and still send them out. She is saving me so much time this weekend. God Bless her for all of her hard work.

I went back to listing my tasks on gmail, so that I can cross them off as I do them. That seems to be the best way to not drop the ball on something. It is still a bit hot here for me, but it should cool down a bit this weekend. at least until Tuesday when the temps go back up to the mid-80″s, which I’m not looking forward to at all.

I got a call from the lady running the undergrad internship yesterday, however I was at school….I returned her call but had to leave a message. Please continue to pray I get this internship, it will help me get into grad school and since that is where the Lord is leading me, I’m trying to do my part. I am meeting with my Quantitative Methods Prof. in a couple of weeks, she is willing to read my research paper and see if there is any research I should look at…..I’m hoping that she will mentor me. Now all I have to do is get A’s this semester……

Ok, I really need to go and finish school with the little ones and start studying for me until the boys get home. I hope that everyone has a blessed weekend.


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