The First Day of School Photos

The Cheery Note on the dry erase board.

Ace looking less than happy to be up and starting the school year.

My Peanut….he is so cheerful and loved his banana waffles.

The Ark is not any happier than his brother.

The Princess who hates most food liked the waffles!! I should make her some more tomorrow.

The Peanut hard at work

The Princess doing math~ she doesn’t like math all that much.

Sibling bonding time~ I have no idea what they were discussing now.

Poor Ace, he was so not happy and didn’t want his photo taken today at all.


4 thoughts on “The First Day of School Photos

    • Thanks, it was a rough day but we got through it. Ace is always giving me fits when it comes to picture taking. I have 1 of him smiling….1 in almost 10 years of life. Oh wait maybe two…he did smile for his baptism pictures. *I think*

    • LOL, right after I posted that I realized that my coke was in the way. I was waiting to see who would notice and comment on it. I cannot start my day yet without my “caffeine on ice” as my one client used to call it.

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