The last day of summer break for the kids

Was spent with them playing and mom finishing up the planning. Looking for healthy waffle recipes that don’t use whole wheat since we are allergic to it. I put up a clock in the dining room/school room. Bought the boys an alarm clock for their room so I don’t have to be responsible for waking them up anymore….at least M-Th, Fridays I don’t have class so we can all sleep in a bit. My homeschooling binder is up and running as is the binder I need for my college classes.

We are having banana waffles for breakfast, grilled ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch, with cut up cantaloupe, and who knows what is for dinner. I also bought them fruit snacks for a treat and roasted sunflower seeds if anyone needs a protein snack.

They will have to be in bed much earlier than they have been all summer and that is going to be stressful for me. I have a bit of cleaning to do before I go to bed tonight. I love having a cleaned off dining room table and kitchen during school days. It makes life so much easier. I think I might sleep well tonight, knowing that we are as ready as possible for a new year.

I will take pictures for you to see as well as a schedule of our day sometime tomorrow.

I will leave you with my Thankful Sunday list:

  • My husband, he works so hard for us.
  • My life~ I’m pretty happy with what I’m doing and where I am in it.
  • My room air conditioners~ it has been very hot here
  • The energy to get everything done.
  • My health~
  • The Lord for his saving grace, I would be nothing and nowhere without it.

2 thoughts on “The last day of summer break for the kids

    • Thank you Kristy, it has already been thrown into a glitch, older son needs a ride in the morning, right in the middle of my school day.*bangs head on desk*…….

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