Will I ever be ready?

Today in the mail, we got The Ark’s planner, he was not impressed. Too bad……I’m excited, and the Princess Artist wanted to know why she didn’t have a planner? Someone save me. We also got Ace’s grammar book that we had lost from the Ark sometime during the move from the apartment to our house 2 years ago. *it seems like we’ve been here longer than just 2 years 4 months.*

So today I’m going to do some cleaning, maybe send the husband to the pool with the little ones and then I’m hoping to get some rules for the new year down on paper, a chore list and finish planning a few things. I never even started the Peanut’s school stuff. We have only 5 days to our first day of school. I know that on Friday we are having a brief info day to introduce the new year, I like to do that before our first day of school, although I could start off our year with a bit of a slower first day, but that means we might not get done in time to go swimming and if it stays this hot we might want to do that as well. I hate making all these decisions.

I know that I’m going to order the recovery cd’s for the Toshiba and hope that gets it up and running so I can have the Ark do his schoolwork on his computer, leaving the desktop free for Ace, the Princess and the Peanut. I can’t wait to order my macbookpro…..so that I can not have everyone bugging me about using the computer.

Ok, I guess I should close this and get to work. We are having a grad party for Jasmine since she finished her English 4 in summer school and graduated a year early.


2 thoughts on “Will I ever be ready?

  1. Oh so true, but I think by thinking i could be ready, it eased the fear? But, I can see now that it really didn’t just kept me busy from thinking about it. I hate being this human sometimes.

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