My Post From Twitter….

Yesterday, I asked my twitter followers, what they did to prepare for the new school year? The reason behind the question is that this year I’ve been working on cleaning the basement… that my children have a place to play away from my living room. Their toys are mixed up and that annoys me to no end. I have totes for almost every toy, and when they mix them up they are left out, they get dirty …..etc etc. So for the last week off and on I’ve been washing toys, containers and then putting them away. This is a time consuming task and I”m tired of it. I’m almost done though, so that is a great thing. Just a bit more work in the basement and then some of this stuff will be put away. Then maybe I can work on stocking up on healthy breakfast foods and snacks.

I want to make up a big batch of french toast and pancakes for the kids for breakfast so that it is done and ready for them. I would like it if the heat would let up so I could do some baking for them. It looks like maybe by Friday, Saturday is a wash since I will be gone all day for swim team championships. I’m going to start looking for some ideas to try to get the Princess to eat something. Ok, I need to get back to work….although it is rainy here so I just want to sleep.


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