I guess I should…..

Start putting my thoughts down for goals for the new school year. Since it starts in just 15 days! I’m almost ready to be back in our routine again. Although I’m not sure the kids are ready. I’m praying that this year will be a great year of learning and growing not only in wisdom and education but also as a family and in the Lord. We always include bible study into our school day and one of my personal goals for my children is to see their faith grow while they are homeschooled.

  • Need them to come up with at least 25 goals on the first day of school, working their way to 100. The teacher said that her husband told her years ago that if she didn’t have goals, she couldn’t plan for the future and didn’t really know where she was going. I agree, my mother never helped me to focus on anything, so as a teen I had no hope and had no idea of what to do with my life, which led to some very bad choices on my part. I want my little ones to have a better life and relationship with God than I did.
  • Getting them into a good schedule so that we can finish most of our work by the time swim team starts next June. I want to take off that whole 6-7 weeks and then start up school again after it is over.
  • We had a family meeting this morning, I’m not happy with how my children are not seeing beyond their little reality at the moment. We read tons of books about other cultures but they aren’t getting it. So we are going to cut expenses as much as possible and take them on a vacation next May to Chicago to see a bit of how life is different elsewhere. Please pray that the Lord gives us the funds to go.
  • I need to challenge my boys, they are great sons but they will only do what they have to and are not challenging themselves at the moment. So the teacher said if they won’t challenge themselves then I have to challenge them with their schoolwork and I fully plan to do that. They may hate me for awhile, but later in life will hopefully be grateful.
  • Part of their new challenges will be just requiring much more writing from them as well as studying. I may have to institute tests for science and possibly history for them. The Ark will have some for Gen. Science but I normally wouldn’t give Ace tests for anything but math, but laziness is not working for me so he might be getting tests as well.
  • Another thing bothering me is not that we haven’t finished their latin book yet, so that is now back on the list and I want no excuses for why they didn’t get to it.
  • I know that I need to get an alarm clock for the boys room, so that they can learn to get up without me being the bad guy. Although I am wondering if a bit of staggering of waking up times would be beneficial. I could get one started on a lesson, then get the next started finally adding in the two younger ones.

Well the two little one want to watch The Magic School Bus online so I will have to finish this later.


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