Getting ready for the evals.

We see the teacher in 2 weeks. We are almost ready, because i set up their binders at the beginning of the year and we just have to add to it all year, we tend to be fairly ready by this time of the year. The only thing missing? I haven’t scrapbooked their school photos for 2 years!!!! I was going to do a digital album but since I”m just learning how it takes me more time than to do it the old fashioned way. I also found about 20 photos that I had printed up and decided that I shouldn’t waste them. I uploaded photos to Walgreens last night to finish out most of the last two years or at least made a dent in them. I will be working on that for a few days, taking a break from school planning. So today will find me running to Michaels for glue dots and possibly a new scrapbook album. The sad thing? I decided to just work on the boys for the moment and if I have time I will start on the Artist’s album. I have a ton of photos that I have printed out of her and have to organize them and then upload the extra ones I want printed to add to her book. I hope that my kids appreciate this one day, preferably while I’m alive.


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