Reality Mondays

I am on a mothering forum and they have started blogging on Mondays about the reality of their lives. So here is my reality Monday for this week.

We rolled out of bed late but made it to swim team practice only 5 minutes late, stayed there, had the Princess/Artist read in the van since it was drizzling when we got there. Today’s reading did not go very well, she struggled with sounding out and I struggled with patience. I really need to make sure we don’t take breaks from reading as we go backwards when we don’t read daily.

We came home to the husband and there was an injured black and blue butterfly on our door, I took some photos will share them later. Got some food into us and then sat down at my desk to find a check and mail off a medical form, and fill out the swim meet championship form and guess what? I can’t find them…..because everyone sits at my desk to get on the computer and moves everything.

We will have to find an alternative because I need my own space and I’m so tired of everyone at my desk moving things, or worse yet piling things on my desk because they don’t know where to put them. This really sets off my temper.

I’m considering getting a Macbook this fall and setting up the iMac on a small desk in the dining room so that they can be off my desk. Especially since I will be doing a great deal of studying when I’m not teaching them or paying bills or running the household. I really need to have my own space to not be bothered and have my books spread out.

So I guess I just shared one of my major flaws, I hate sharing my desk with anyone. We live in a small house, and I have a strong need to have just one spot where nobody is allowed but me. I think that is enough of reality Monday for me today.


One thought on “Reality Mondays

  1. We have multiple computers and separate desks and it sure is nice! I don’t have to worry about sharing my computer with anyone and I don’t have to worry about anybody’s stuff piling up on my desk. We also have separate school desks which also keeps everybody’s stuff in one place. I totally agree with needing your own space and feeling crabby when people are impinging on my territory!

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