Photo of my son

This is Tristan, he is 22 and usually won’t let me take photos, in fact I kind of snapped this one quickly, just to get it. In fact I had to do some serious work with Photoshop to clean it up so that you could even see him. Sorry to not be blogging much lately, we are in the middle of our summertime sports right now and I’ve been doing other things, like trying to get the girls room done…..that was going great until the manufacturer of the 2nd dresser screwed it up and we now have to call them to see what they will do for us. What a pain it is, hopefully soon you will see what we have been working on, although by tomorrow I should have an entry of the storm that hit us at the end of june.


2 thoughts on “Photo of my son

  1. It’s fun to see the phantom son! Love the name. My daughter’s long-time boyfriend (of about 3 years) was named Tristan. And her best friend is named Krisitin. So it used to drive her father (who is hard of hearing) batty trying to figure out which one she was talking about! Love the name! Good looking man you have there.

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