I’m slowly thinking about getting a summer plan going and I did plan out module 1 in Gen. Science for The Ark, as well as print out the stuff for his science binder for module 1. I figure if I do a module a day, then in 15 days it will be done.
Math for summer~ The Ark will be done with MUS this weekend, so he will just do the lesson review worksheets this summer that i printed out from the MUS website, I think he will also have to do some timed tests, he knows his facts but not as fast as I would like him to. Ace will have to keep steadily working, he still struggles in math, He is almost done with this years book but is still behind since I made him repeat last years math, I will give him a break for one week when he finishes it and then start him on the next book. The same for the Artist…..she is horrid in math, I hope that changes soon.

Science~ we have only two more weeks of science to do!!!!!!! We will be doing gardening and hiking and birdwatching but no book work. I’m so happy about that.

History~We are on Lesson 19 of MOH, we got sidetracked so we will be doing a lot of history this summer. We are going to have to do 4-5 lessons a week in order to catch up. Hopefully that won’t be too hard.
The only other thing we will do is daily reading and some read alouds……I can do those at the pool during breaks.

Finally, it all looks like it is doable.


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