The Husband’s Mother

She needed an updated photo of herself for a poem that she wrote. So I took myself and my camera over after school yesterday and took pictures of her. This one is my husbands favorite so I thought I would post it. I also printed a copy for her to have, along with a photo of the sun I took.  Today has been busy and I need to do some reading for my class tomorrow still.

I thought I would share my day, I slept in, read 2 chapters of Matthew to the boys, balanced the checkbook, paid the van payment. Went to Fitworks to workout. Then hit the mall, bought a pair of jeans, an Easter dress for the Princess, and her bedding for the new bed, we bought for her and Kendra. The husband took the boys to get haircuts, then I took the Ark and Ace out for Easter outfits, they picked out shorts and a polo to match. Not really what I wanted them to wear but they will get a lot of use out of them, so that is good.

I’m really tired and have to pick up the teen at about 10 pm, then it will be off to bed. I can’t wait!!! Well, it is back to the grind of reading.


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