An overheard conversation

Today, I met our Youth Director’s sister, she seemed very nice but a bit different from her outgoing sister. The Ark and I were deciding what table from the youth room he wanted, (they are selling us This End Up tables). We decided and then we were putting away stuff and as we were walking away I heard Laura say “He is such a wonderful kid and I love him.” I didn’t hear her sister’s response but I did hear Laura say something along the lines of “No, he really is, he is amazing and so responsible.” He is only 12. 5  years old. I’m very blessed to be his mom.

Ace, The Ark and I went to Target after church today to get another dresser for the girls room. On the way home we were talking about God and when is Jesus coming back. The Ark mentioned that he had a lot of questions to ask God when we get to heaven. I replied that I want to play with God’s paintbrush and The Ark, was right on that idea, he wants to as well, but I told him I get first dibs. Then he started chuckling about how he would change all the colors around. I have a drawing I want to do on that subject, I hope I have time this summer to work on it. If it turns out even half as good as the image in my mind it will be beautiful.


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