Houston….we have a plan! I think.

Well, I finally made a decision on our grammar. I showed Noah Easy Grammar Plus and Growing With Grammar. He decided he would rather go back to GWG for 7th grade. We had used it for him in 3rd. grade. So he will use that and I decided since I had it for 3rd grade that Ace could use it as well. I ordered it last night. Yes, I know that Ace will be in 4th grade but since we haven’t done any with him for awhile either it won’t hurt him to do a year behind. Camryn will probably do 1 year of First Lang. Lessons this fall in 2nd grade. I don’t see the point of doing grammar until they are reading decent and her reading is slow to come. I hope to help her improve this summer when I have a bit more time.

On the math front we are staying with MUS this year, the kids are doing well with it especially Ace and that really helps us. The only problem i have with Ace and the Princess is because the pages are black and white they doodle all over them sometimes. But at least they get them done in a timely fashion. With having the video do the teaching part of it, my life is a bit less complicated, I only have to reinforce the concepts on occasion.

History~ That is a joke, my kids thrive on the stuff. We are staying with MOH going to vol. 2 whenever we finish 1. We got behind because of so much illness. I have on order some great history novels for us though. The boys reading will be something of the time frame we study. I like using real books for their reading. I just have to find a way for them to document their reading that they like that I like.

Science~ The Ark will be doing Apologia’s General Science. I bought him the mp3 cd so he can read along with it and I’m hoping that will help him with his dyslexia. Ace and the Princess are going to do Zoo 2~ Swimming Creatures. I wonder if the Ark will be jealous or join in with them? I wish their was a cd of the readings for this book.

Which brings us to Art and Music. We are using Music Ace Gold this year. Here is the review from Rainbow Resource Center:

Maestro Max and his Singing Notes teach you all the piano fundamentals. The small conductor with a tuxedo, bow tie, white hair and gloves, and European accent guides you through each lesson. The first lesson explains the staff. In each lesson the staff and piano keys are pictured, and Max points out the corresponding notes, which light up green when played. On the staff, the Singing Notes open their mouths and sing their notes. Students progress through 24 lessons on sharps, flats, pitch, duration, and several other topics, with Max offering encouragement every step of the way. Corresponding to each lesson is a game for extra fun and practice. A progress chart tracks each individual’s progress through the lessons and games. You can use the lessons and games in any order that you wish. This program would help children that need the extra instruction or extra practice, but do not have access to a piano. They could also coordinate the software with a music book in situations where no teacher is available.

Music Ace 2 picks up where Music Ace 1 leaves off, introducing such concepts as standard notation, rhythm, melody, key signatures, harmony, and intervals. More than 2000 musical examples and a variety of new instruments are incorporated.

Both Music Ace 1 and Music Ace 2 include the Music Doodle Pad, where students compose their own music. It pictures the staff and piano keys. Choose a note (whole, half, quarter, or eighth) and place it on the staff where they want it. Bring out as many notes as you want, then the computer plays the song. The piano keys displayed at the bottom are helpful; students can test a tune on the keyboard before positioning the notes. Misplaced notes can easily be deleted or repositioned. Besides the piano, students can listen to their composition as a flute, marimba, or jazz guitar.

If you want the whole shebang, Music Ace Gold packages Music Ace 1 and Music Ace 2 together.

Art~ the ongoing issue in our house as to how to fit it in. But since we  will eventually get to the Middle Ages next year I think we will just study art in that time frame. We haven’t finished Artistic Pursuits, so I think we are going to work on that and when we finish it move on to the second book for the boys and then The Princess, even though she takes art lessons, she needs to do art, it is like air to her. I would love to get to the 3rd K-2 book, it is about sculpture and painting. But not until 3rd grade I’m guessing.

Because we are adding in grammar this coming year, we are taking out vocab. but adding back in spelling. I like the suggestion the teacher gave us last year with not trying to do it all in one year but focus on parts of lang. arts. So that is what we will do. Let’s see~grammar, spelling, creative writing and reading. Still a bit heavier than I would like but, it will have to do.

After our books come I will have to make a book list of read alouds and readers, using both the new and the old books. Ok, this is all to overwhelming for me at the moment.


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