Glory Be! It is working.

my Flicker that is, I uploaded some nice photos and they weren’t showing up here and that frustrated me. But they are here now and that is a good thing. We are still sick and not showing any signs of getting better. I took my stats exam and it didn’t seem too difficult let’s hope I didn’t make any dumb mistakes and got a good grade. I have reading to do for women’s studies and 1 homework but I think I can handle that this weekend. I have class on Monday but not on Tuesday of next week so that is a great thing. 1 less day of driving and 1 day to spend with the kids. We will be doing some serious cleaning this weekend~ the house is a disaster area and I’m not functioning well in it. Plus I really want to rest today so that we can get better. No homeschooling for today or this weekend. My tax refunds have hit the bank so now we can get prices on the repairs that we hope to get done this year on the house. I also have to have the husband go do our city taxes for us and we are going to pay them for at least half a year so that they are somewhat taken care of. I know I want to pay the car insurance for a year as well, one more burden for me not to worry about. We will see how it all works out. So many things to do and it is overwhelming to think about how to make these decisions. I want to make the right ones.


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