Where we are on our goals

The Princess had her first art lesson this past Tuesday, she has 5 more weeks of them. She used chalk pastels and drew a chickadee and a bluejay. She is very happy to be back at art lessons.

I’ve been able to make a schedule and it is helping keep us on track for the most part. I really need more time in my day though.

I’m happy with the Ark and how responsible he is becoming, even Ace is putting forward more effort but not quite where I want him yet.

The boys history binder is looking nice, we are finally getting the hang of MOH. It is a lot of work with the readings, memory cards, mapwork and special projects. We still haven’t had time to start the time line yet though. Soon I hope.

I’m trying to get them to do more notebooking, that is like pulling teeth still but I will persevere!!! I’m stubborn like that.

I’m looking ahead to next year and getting rough ideas of what I want to cover with them. Will write about that later, when the plans are finalized. Soon, I hope since I want to get their books ordered during my spring break in 6 weeks.

Ok, that is all I have to say at the moment, I still have to read a chapter of Tirzah to them. That is our current read aloud.


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