Fall Semester!!!

So after a glorious 3 weeks off of college, my fall semester will start on Monday. Because of the other stuff going on in my life right now, I am only taking 2 classes a race class and psychology of personality. They both sound great and doable without driving me totally insane like my spring classes. I think I needed a bit more time off as I’m not quite as rested as I had hoped. I will be going up to the college and picking up my books so that I don’t have to fight the crowds on tuesday. I will probably start reading them at least a little bit.

I still have to get a few supplies for me and Kendra over the weekend. Walmart here I come and I hate Walmart, but we like the poly folders as they hold up the best over the long term and I need cheap…..so that is on the list of things to do. I really want to do some cleaning but would like to take a nature hike if it is not steamy hot or raining.

I’ve been working on a reviving our Kids for Christ program…..we haven’t had one for over a year now and so the youth director and I are tossing around some ideas. I will need to finish putting my idea into hard from by Monday so I can get them to her and have her take them to the board of youth for me. Which means writing two brief articles for  the church bulletin, pricing stuff as I have to give them a tentative idea of a budget.

I actually sat down and did some drawing tonight. I haven’t had time for it with all the chaos that is my life. I can’t wait until i can take more art classes….one day *sigh* It is funny though that I draw the best when listening to music or someone talking, I seem to catch oddball phrases and put them into my drawings.

The ex’s trial is set for early Sept. I’m starting to dread the thought of it. While I want it to be over, I’m afraid of the outcome and it doesn’t matter if he goes to jail or goes free at this point.  Although my life will be easier if he does go to jail, I know that it will be horrible for the children we had together.

Ace, the Princess and the Peanut have to finish up their summer reading by Sunday for the summer reading club for our church. The Ark came in from playing and is finishing up his math…..I love it when my children learn to do things on their own.

Ok, well I’m running dry since I put most of my effort into my drawing tonight.


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