The Princess Artwork

So the Princess has been taking art lessons for the last 4 weeks and I just had to show off her talent. She was 6 in January and really wants to be an Art Teacher when she grows up. I think it is great and hope she does, then if she homeschools her children she can make extra $$$ by teaching other homeschoolers. Yes, I’m trying to control part of her life, but I so want for my children what I never had. So the first project was a fur seal and background.

The next week she tie-dyed but I haven’t taken that photo yet. So on to the 3 rd. week’s project:

Then she tie dyed yet again….no photo of that one either, only to finish with:

Her Rainbow Fish chalk drawing. Her 16 year old sister was quite impressed by her artwork and that is saying a lot since Jassy is quite the artist herself.  We will be continuing with her lessons for next session.


2 thoughts on “The Princess Artwork

  1. Wow she is really good. How fun to have a budding artist in your home. That is sweet of your 16 year old to encourage her:) Sounds like you have a house full of artists.

  2. Your little girl is quite talented. And to think that we’ll be able to say we saw her work when she was just beginning and we saw the potential even then. 😀

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