One beautiful sunday afternoon…..

It was an incredibly beautiful sunny day in the midwest and we decided to take the hike that the boys saw when we went to see the teacher for their evaluations. The nature part of this hike will be posted over here later on.

The Library

The Library

This library is very tiny and so quaint, they have expanded the downstairs and that is where we try to meet with the teacher who evaluates our home school portfolios.

The forthcoming photos are of a small community that has a section of old houses that have been moved and made over into a cute little city of it’s own. There are some really cool stores here, some of whom I hope to shop at one day. I hope you enjoy the walk.

We started out walking down the boardwalk to the train depot.

The Barbarshop

The Gazebo

Please make sure it is safe to cross before doing so.

I love this photo on the train…..I’m taking a picture of the inside of the train while the husband looks in the other door.Did you notice the reflection of the trees in the left hand corner?

Would love to see the inside of this church.

This store has some great things for my “week of gluttony presents” according to my husband. I hope he remembers that come December.

Ok, you will have to come back tomorrow for the rest of the photos and the special treat we bought while we were there.


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