Art Plans

So today instead of studying for my history class I got distracted by planning art lessons for The Ark who will be in 6th grade this fall.  I’m very blessed because I know of this really cool blog that has lessons already planned for you. Most of the lessons are for 5th grade and under, but since we haven’t done much art we are doing the 5th grades ones that we like. so here are our plans:

  • August~ An Eye for Magritte
  • September~ How to draw King Tut
  • October~ Positive/Negative Pumpkin
  • November~ The Scream Painting
  • December~ Tinted Christmas Tree Painting
  • January~ Snow Man Drawing
  • February~ Paper Chain using Valentine paper
  • March~Cut-n-Tear City Scapes Collage
  • April~ Marker Drawing of Squires Castle
  • May~1point perspective drawing
  • June~Handpainted Etchings

We have Abeka’s  Art Projects for third grade and plan to use that for Ace. While the Princess will be taking art lessons with the lady down the street, once a week. While my boys tolerate art, they do not enjoy it enough for me to pay someone for lessons, however my Princess LOVES art. She is forever talking about becoming an art teacher, possibly for the deaf community as she also loves sign language.

We only planned one project a month for The Ark, he will be drawing almost daily for the rest of his art. School starts on August 17!!!! I”m so not ready.


2 thoughts on “Art Plans

  1. Okay, gotta bookmark that one. WOW what a fantastic site for art ideas! I am one of those incidental art teachers… meaning that we might do one project that might tie in with what we are studying in history, but otherwise…. we don’t do art. I want to, I want them to, but I’m not an art teacher and never can come up with anything interesting or art-worthy. This is great, thank you!

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