The Ark and Ace had a swim meet last night and I was there by myself with 4 children. The Ark got his and Ace’s events all written down, they did their warmups and I took the little ones to the playground. I would listen to the events and start making my way back when it was close to the boys swimming.

One time the boys swam very close together in events so I was able to watch them both swim an event. It was great to watch my sons swim and to see the son not swimming walking the length of the pool cheering on the son in the pool. They  were both doing that for each other. I don’t know if they did it for every event but just to see them doing it once was great.

One thing I hope to instill in all of my children is loyalty to each other, perhaps they are getting a bit of that.


2 thoughts on “Heartwarming

  1. Aww that is so sweet!! Sounds like a good time. Nothing is better than watching your kids do their best and seeing their siblings cheer them on. =) Good job mom!!

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