A limerick from my husband

There once was a girl named Michielle,

Her name didn’t ring her bell

Frankly, she said it just smells

She said I can change my name.

Now the girl has no name

That’s a terrible shame

Her mother is to blame

For the name Michielle was lame.

So she thought of new name’s

She said Sue, Mary, Terri……I don’t think so.

Ann, Fran, Sam……no way

Then she said what about Rose

I think that will fit me just fine

So she toasted her name with a glass of wine.

Now that E**** name has to go too!

I’ll take it and leave it at the zoo

An Irish-Scottish name will do

It must be fresh as the morning dew

She said M****** will do

So off to court she flew

So she told the court her new name

Rose Catriona M****** it is to be.

The Judge said $111 dollars is the fee.

She paid it with much glee

and went to get a sweet tea.

So I give you Rose Catriona M******

Now the girl has a new name

Don’t stand in her way

She’s on her way to achieve fame.

After all that is said she is still the same

Smart and beautiful as her new name!!




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