We have been so busy lately. Things are going fairly smoothly with Jasmine. Although her father filed a motion to end the protection order so we have a court date this coming friday. He thinks he can get them back since I had Jasmine in the hospital. He is really warped if he thinks that getting her help makes me unfit as a mom. We had a chiro visit last friday and I’m finally feeling better from the accident.

Life is good, just busy and I’m not liking busy much at the moment. There is never anytime to ponder things just action. My history class is ok, just a lot of work but I love ancient history so that is a plus. There are a lot of interesting people in the class. The refresher is nice since we are back to ancient history with the kids in the fall, making my life so much easier in at least one subject for homeschooling.

I finally bought a new keyboard and mouse. They are wireless and that is really nice right now. I also had to do some computer stuff. It was running really slow so I ran my tech tool software and it seems to have fixed that problem but it took quite a while and then I had to reinstall some things. But it is now functioning nicely.

We planted our garden yesterday, tomato’s, green beans, peas, cilantro, basil and carrots, I need to get some peppers, and cucumbers still. We added a border to it. Hoping to keep the boys from cutting through it when playing. We are tearing out the ugly shrubs that border our yard from the neighbors. We asked them yesterday if they minded and she was so happy to hear we wanted to take them out!! So that is our yard project today. We want to add a border to the front beds and then just plant some pansies to make it look presentable.

The boys have become addicted to Farm Town on my facebook account. They are learning quite a bit there and having fun. Summer craziness starts in two weeks. Noah and Kendra go to camp, swim lessons and swim team start. As well as VBS, I’m working crafts this year. That ought to be fun. I’m also teaching Noah how to knit, because don’t you know that real men knit?Not really but he wants to learn and it will be good for him. Then I must teach the Princess.

Well, I would love to spend more time here with you but duty beckons as does a shower. Have a great week.


3 thoughts on “News

    • Good Heavens!!! I’ve been so busy I totally forgot to answer your question *smacks head*

      Our VBS is the week of June 22-26. I’m looking forward to it but it will be a bit intense with swim team and swim lessons that week as well as two swim meets!! I think summer has sprung.

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