More stress

I’m so tired of stress and drama!!! The 16 yr old is not taking her meds, wanting to kill Renee’ finace. (she was living with Renee). Now I get to deal with her. I picked up her stuff tonight while she was at work. Kendra has been staying at the older daughters as well to help out and I told her she has to come home now too and boy is she sad. I let her spend the night and asked Renee to talk to her. I’m so angry right now. Angry at the ex for messing up their lives, angry that he brainwashed them into thinking I don’t want them, or love them, and that I was never there for them, etc,  etc. They don’t seem to realize just how much I was there for them. I went to most of their school things, picked them up every weds and friday night. kept them all summer and almost every day they had no school for years. But of course I didn’t  do anything for them. They only want me for want they want me to do for them, not because they love me or I love them. I wish this was just teenage stuff but I know it is not, they are so angry for the divorce because I’ve never said anything to them abut how their dad treated me and he just went to town ranting and raving like a lunatic for years. If he goes to prison, we get stuck with teenagers that have never had any rules and alway been given what they want. Can I just say this is a horrid situation and that it stinks?

On a brighter note I got an A in physical anthropology, probably missed an A by 6.6 points in math, and am still waiting for word on my final draft of  my literature review paper. I’m working on  a settlement for my van that was sideswiped. I will be seeing my chiro, getting a rental and my van fixed at some point and hopefully get a few $$ out of it. Which will be a God send right now. The husband’s glasses are old and he lost one of the lenses last week at work. But he doesn’t qualify for a new pair under insurance until Oct. He needs bi-focal’s so that will be pricey. We also need a futon for the 16 yr old to sleep on. I’m hoping that she doesn’t blow up too much. I really can’t handle it right now.

I have already called my Pastor and told him I need to see him next week. He doesn’t know why but he will. He might have to serve jury duty though so I have to wait until I find out what the deal is with that. He said to call him monday night and see if he managed to get out of it.

We have been cleaning alot today to get ready for the onslaught, and  because I can’t stand it anymore. Tomorrow the teen and the Princess  both have dr. appointments. One at 10am the other at 11:15 in two different cities. That ought to be fun with only one car. I will probably drop off the husband and the princess, then run to get the teen out of school, go pick up the husband and princess then run to the teen’s appointment. Then get the teen back to school and then the husband can go do his magazine job. I know that the Lord will get me through this but right now I’m so overwhelmed, angry and discouraged. I’m tired of paying for other’s people’s sins. It is not my fault that nobody believed me years ago when I tried to tell them, it is not my fault that the ex is charged with 62 felonies. I didn’t do it, he did. I would never have let my kids run wild like he did. Now, I will have to deal with his poor parenting.

I think I will end this and go do something, although I have no idea what.


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