It is finished!!!!

My paper that is. I’m so relieved. I will turn it in on Tuesday. She liked the rough draft so hopefully this will be even better.

I’m so hoping for an A since I really worked hard on this project. I learned a great deal both about writing in APA style and the affects of physical child abuse upon the child, teen and adult in all of the realms: physical, emotional, cognitive, neurological and behavioral. It was more creative than I thought it would be and I really enjoyed doing it although it did drive me crazy at times.

I’m waiting to see how i did on my finals, I really studied for them and hope I did well. I know I’m really close to an A in both classes but have no idea yet if I managed to get the A’s.

This week will be filled with lots of homeschooling, cleaning and organizing. I will only have two weeks off before summer semester starts so I have to make the most of it.

Well, I should go get the table cleaned off so I can plan for the schoolwork week.


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