More schoolbooks

The kids are so excited about their new school books!! I have already read two picture books to the Princess and let her start on Mind Benders, she is pretty good at that, we did 6 in one day in about 5 minutes!! I finally ordered their math books from Math U See for next year. Can’t wait until they get here. Our Amazon order is on it’s way as well and that please me a great deal!! I ordered 2 more Jonathon Park sets and the kids really like them for when we drive to their chiro visit on fridays. Today we listened to The Magician’s Nephew. That was pretty good, we will finish it soon I hope. Although it was a bit scary for the Princess. She is funny lately and says “it is creeping me out, Mom”. I think we are going to add in Saturday schooling in the fall, the kids just get so distracted sometimes and don’t want to move on and then we end up behind. Only two more weeks until I’m done with this semester and then I will start to plan for fall, since everything will be here. Ok, real life beckons.


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