Where we are….

We are working steadily, I”m really pushing the kids to learn how to learn vs. just doing their schoolwork. Last night I had The Ark come to swim lessons with us and had him practice his latin, then on the way home I quizzed him on vocabulary. We bought a laptop that runs windows so he can improve his reading with a program that helps dyslexics. He is only on lesson 6 since the lessons are very long about an hour. I’m trying to work out a schedule for him. maybe 3 lessons a week. There are 88 total lessons. If we do that he will be done by mid sept. counting time for spring break and summer camp. As well as any days that we need to take off. Once he is finished he should be pretty close to an 8th grade reading level and hopefully able to sound out words phonetically.

Ace is reading ok, I think he needs more practice so I have him reading his bible every day in addition to reading for school. He seems to like to read somewhat. Not as much as I would like but better than before. He still drags at doing his work and that frustrates me to no end.

The Princess is starting to read, I give her lots of practice. She should be reading her first book Pan and the Mad Man in about 2 weeks. We have always used Veritas Press Phonics Museum for them and The Ark read that book much earlier, with much less practice. They must have revised their curriculum somewhat. She still draws all the time. I need to find time for her to do more art.

Ok, I’m done for the moment.


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