Oh my goodness

We are part way through our school year and working steadily if a bit behind still. This week we spent time working on the Louisiana Purchase, Harriet Tubman, French Revolution as well as Simon Bolivar and the revolution of South America. I think before we move on we will do a few projects on the above subjects. Probably coloring pages, lapbooking, some mapwork etc. I did get movies from the library on many of the subjects even a cartoon of Harriet Tubman.
The boys watched the inauguration, even though I dislike Obama, I’m glad that we have finally elected a black president. Although I’m not naive enough to believe that racism is dead in our society. They will do some lapbooking on that as well. Noah even wrote a paragraph for me of things he saw on tv.

Since tax time is close, I need to research our curriculum for next year. I feel like Ace and the Princess need more hands on with their math, so we will be switching to MUS until they are older. The Ark will also be taking a year off from Saxon to do MUS until he really understands the concepts of fractions. We are only going to be using the readers and the read alouds from Sonlight next year. For science we will study Zoology 1. History is going to be a bit rough, as The Ark has already done SOW 1 and we are back to ancient history. So he will be using Mystery of History and the others will be using SOW1. We have lots of great books to supplement, so that will be fun. We love our history. Ace will be staying on with First Lang. Lessons, but for 3rd grade and the Princess will be starting with FLL gr. 1. The Ark is probably going to be using Shurley Grammar but I’m not sure what grade as of yet, it only goes to 7th grade and he is weak there so I might use 5th grade next year to give him an extra year with it. We will still be using Artistic Pursuits for art as well as adding in Harmony Fine Arts. I’m looking into Bagpipe lessons for the Ark. hmmm gotta find those numbers again. if we can afford them he will take them, he really wants to learn how to play. I’m kind of looking forward to a bit of a change with our schooling, it has been a bit dry lately. I think we need a few more projects or hands on thing to liven us up.

Ace received his bible today, in our lutheran church when the children hit 2nd grade they receive a bible in front of the congregation. Yesterday he went to a brief fun day and learned more about the bible he would be getting and spent time with the other 2nd graders. The Ark has played 4 basketball games and his team has won 3 lost 1. So we are quite proud of all of them and the coach for all their hardwork.

Well that is all for now. I will keep you posted on any events.


One thought on “Oh my goodness

  1. How special about his Bible! Our family ritual is that the boys get their very own Bible on their 10th birthday. (Honestly, there are some things I don’t want them to read until then. . . even then, some things are a bit. . . graphic.) We found that it is worth it to splurge on a genuine leather Bible, but thankfully have found good sales online. The hardback Bibles just don’t hold up to daily wear in the long run!

    i fully understand that thought, but my boys are late bloomers with reading so they don’t always understand what they are reading in the bible, which has it’s good points at this young age. They always do the hardback at 8 and then he will get a teen bible in confirmation. My son The Ark wants a bible like mine and i told him he would get one for a graduation gift, I have the leather Archaeological Bible, and I love it. I think we have a problem with collecting bible in our house.

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