The end of the Week

Classes were ok, a bit stressful. I haven’t sat in a lecture type class in over a year and even then that class was a bit more interactive than my anthropology class. So I sit and try to stay focused in a hot room. Math class is fine, swimming is fine, except I crashed into the swim instructor the other day. My independent Advanced Research project for Psy is going to be tough, and I received the shock of my life yesterday. My Psy prof. wants me to apply for the Honors Society and Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) I would be happy to be asked but I have so much old emotional hurts that right now it is just overwhelming.

My daughter Renee is in the hospital and has been since I took her to the ER weds. night. She is hemorrhaging and so far nothing is working. She goes for a D&C today and if anything happens she will be having a hysterectomy. She is only 27 and hoped one day to find a good husband and have another child .

Life has been a bit crazy this week even for me. I’m starting to get better. Just a bit of congestion and lots of tiredness. My check engine light came on yesterday so the husband is taking the van in to see what is wrong.  So much to do so little spare time. I have course work to do, the house is a mess, and I will be gone for a good chunk of the day. I’m taking my work to the hospital so while I’m waiting I can work on it, assuming that i can focus.

Ok, I better run, I need a shower and to pack my stuff.


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