It’s back to classes and homeschooling.

Hi Ho Hi Ho…’s off to college I go. Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Hi Ho………. We tried to get back into our routine of homeschooling last week but didn’t do so well since I’m sick. I’m still not 100% but am feeling better at least until I go out into the cold today. Life is ok, just busier than I would like it. there is always something to do and something going on. Kendra only has a couple of months of confirmation left and I”m so thankful that will soon be over with. One less commitment on my list of things to do. She is almost done with the Master Apprentice project as well, that has been fun but a lot of work. In fact, I’m finding I just don’t have it in me to scrapbook the way I used to and will probably be moving over to digital for awhile. I need something fast and easy but that still resembles scrapbooking.

I’m still trying to decide about a laptop computer that runs windows. I hate them to by honest but I really need one for Noah since most remedial reading programs only work on windows. I was supposed to get an apple for myself since the kids are doing so much schoolwork on my desktop but I will just have to use his for my research project and put things on my flash drive to transfer between the two computers.

We started hanging curtains but the battery on the cordless drill wasn’t charged enough. So that is on the list for today, as well as the usual: laundry and some cleaning. I got most of the table cleaned off for school today and most of the dishes done as well. It helps to have those two things ready for us. I really need another bookshelf that would help with the mess. Oh well, gotta get moving, might update later after our day is over.


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