Plans for 2009

I know I’ve not been posting much but between schooling, college classes and children. I don’t have a great deal of time. Our plans for next week are:

  • Start The Ark on Saxon Math 76
  • Finish SOW vol. 3 within 2 weeks, then spend two weeks on a Ohio unit study.
  • Get Ace motivated in his schoolwork
  • Get back into a routine!!!
  • Find time for science again….we are doing Astronomy, we love it but we are lacking time
  • Need to find time for our read alouds as well.
  • I found a new bible study for us here
  • I’m also planning for our schoolbooks for next school year. I have to buy them with our tax money so planning starts about now.
  • So planning for next year is rolling around in my head.

I need to get the boys to write out their individual goals for this year as a writing project for them. We are also checking out prices for The Ark to take bagpipe lessons and if we can afford them will be adding them into our life, as well as art lessons for the Princess, who also starts back to swimming monday night for 9 weeks. Kendra is also in the final months of confirmation class. I start my classes on Jan. 12th.


One thought on “Plans for 2009

  1. Looks like good plans. . . We’re reorganizing things to start up again. I’m doing “orientation” with the boys this weekend. They do much of their work on their own, and then some directed by Daddy.

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