Happy New Year *edit,

Happy New Year

I hope everyone has a Godly and Blessed New Year !!! I was going to recap my year last year but so much has happened that I was overwhelmed just thinking about it all again. So I decided to just be happy today and see where 2009 takes my family and myself. I know we have some cleaning to do as well as some baking, we are taking oatmeal cinnamon chip cookies to Dr. Yan the kids chiro tomorrow. I might venture out for a bit today, but that is debatable, it is cold out there!!! I finally decided on curtains for my ever so cold house and ordered them will take a photo once they are hung. I found a couch that I really like as well, now to find the money to buy it. Well I must be going, life beckons.



2 thoughts on “Happy New Year *edit,

  1. Happy New Year to you as well.

    As for the cold, we are still dealing w/the sub-zero temps so I’m thinking that staying home today is a good idea for me, well except to take the girl’s friend home, take the kids to a teen party & then pick them up. Then again maybe I’ll just have hubby do all of that. 😀

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