Goals for 2009

I”m not overly happy with how things are going in my home right now. The boys are lacking motivation and to be honest so am I. I was reading in a book about a child with ADD and how the Pastor counseled him. So I am working on implementing a similar idea here at my home. I will have a chart of desired behaviors that will include chores and schoolwork. There will be three different marks, a smiley face, a sad face or a straight face . Each face will be assigned a point value, 3pts for a smiley face, 1 pt for a straight face and loss of 2 pts for a sad face. They can save their points for a big prize or they can use them for smaller prizes. This will be in effect for only for the year of 2009, in order to get them into a good work ethic and then they will just earn praise for a job well done. They will however at the end of the year if they actually learn to have a good work ethic will be able to do extra chores for earning what they want int he future. A good work ethic is so important and I want my kids to be able to motivate themselves instead of relying on me all the time.  I’m also working on goals for them for school for the new year, The Ark needs to work on his reading skills, since he is dyslexic that is his weak point. Ace needs to learn to focus and get his work done in a timely manner, The Princess just needs to continue what she is already doing, she loves learning and I want to see about art lessons for her. The Peanut aka Caedmon, needs to find something to do with his energy that is positive.

So that is my plan for our new  year. After I do up the worksheet I will post it and let you see it.


One thought on “Goals for 2009

  1. I completely understand about the work ethic situation. It sounds like you’ve got good plans in store for 2009 and I look forward to seeing the worksheet when you are finished creating it.

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