I wish I had some energy……

I would love to entertain you with the last few days happenings but my energy has yet to rebound.  I took my last final on tuesday and am not sure I’m getting the A I wanted in math, so I’m kind of disappointed in myself. I’m not sure about my ASL either but that one seems a bit more possible. I know that I’ve been under immense stress but I expect more from me. On tuesday afternoon, my daughter Renee and I went out shopping for the kids together. We were waiting for a light to turn green, as it did, a man ran the red light and thank the Lord my daughter did not hit the gas to go yet, so we missed a horrible head on collision on the drivers side, which would have most likely killed her and put me in the hospital, he was still going about 35mph. We went to the mall and 5 minutes later were rear-ended at a stop sign. We both have whiplash, last night we went to the ER together so that it was documented. I still feel like a truck hit me and am dizzy off and on at times. The other person’s insurance has already arranged for us to have physical therapy. Our first visit is Monday @ 5:00pm. Then on tuesday night at 12:40am the police showed up and were looking for the previous owner’s family, I knew right then that the man was probably dead as I knew he had been selling drugs. Sure enough, I checked on weds. morning and he had been shot just 9 days before christmas leaving a wife and 3 daughters. That makes me sad.

Oh yes, our front wheel bearing  in the drivers side was broke and we had to get it fixed , that cost us $225. My husband’s vacation has flown and we haven’t had any chance to really spend together. I took Kendra out to buy the scrapbooking stuff she needed for her Master Apprentice Project, that is due Jan. 05. More obligations than I have time.

I took my granddaughter Savannah to the Dr. today as she has something on her scalp, the Dr. thinks it is Scalp Ringworm. Not what we need at the moment. I had the husband drop off the prescription, so that Renee could pick it up after work.

I still have some shopping to do but it is dwindling…..slowly and then I have to find the time to wrap everything. I’m still knitting a dishcloth for my MIL, as she asked for something that was sustainable, and not to contribute to the consumerism and pollution of the earth. I am going to look for some tea or something to go with it.  Then I have to figure out how to wrap it, maybe the comics will work for her.

I hope that after one more night of muscle relaxers and sleep that I feel more motivated. I have so much to do. We are going to my friend Kim’s annual Christmas party tomorrow night, Renee is watching the kids for us. At least that is one night that I will get to spend with the husband. I”m hoping that tomorrow I can get out and finish the running around part. Although Renee and I are thinking of going to the outlet mall to see if we can find a few deals on clothes for the girls.

Ok, I’m got to look at the stuff we bought and get some ideas for her project. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that we are doing the Advent reading at church this sunday, as well as lighting the advent wreath.


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