Holiday Plans

We are babysitting my granddaughters for Renee, she is going to Memphis to visit her very close friend for 5 days. In case you couldn’t read my previous entry , I have custody of the girls, although there is a review in Jan. but that is supposed to be no big deal. I think that they will remain with me until the ex has his trial and either goes to jail or is exonerated. I took Jasmine to her psychiatrist appointment yesterday. Dr K, feels that she is bi-polar and has PTDS, hopefully we will be able to get her past the PTDS and only have to deal with her bi-polar. What a mess. Kendra is doing ok, she still doesn’t want to be here but knows that she must so she is adjusting although slowly. I have tons of college stuff going on, can’t wait for the end of the semester. I was able to talk to the University of Akron since they were at the college yesterday. I”m right on target and if I didn’t want to wouldn’t have to take any more math for my degree, but I need to be able to teach my little ones algebra so I might just take Math 1200 anyway. I don’t have to take statistics for my bachelor’s though and I also was able to drop off 2 sign classes. So I have gained back one semester of time. Although I still will have 57 credits of psychology classes to take, as well as whatever I don’t finish before I go there next spring. Oh yes, and my GPA resets itself back to zero, and only the classes I take there will be used for my GPA, so as long as I continue to do well, I have a good chance of getting into the grad program I want, although I do have to take the GRE and do well on it. I’m already trying to start studying for that.

We are going to the husband’s cousins’ for Thanksgiving. You know the Bishop? Although, I didn’t talk to her, she called and talked to Kendra last night briefly to tell us what time and what to bring. She wants one of my salads because “I make great salads, and a pie of my choice.” So I don’t have to cook but will help clean up and of course watch my 7 kids that will be with me. We have to take two cars as well. That ought to be fun.

Ok, well that is enough news to tide all my wonderful friends over until my semester ends.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

and know that I will be keeping all of you in my prayers.


4 thoughts on “Holiday Plans

  1. What great news about your classes – gaining back a whole semester. God is good!
    Praying for the healing that your girls need and God’s guidance and peace for your family with the many changes.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I hope your Thanksgiving went well. We spent the day at home with Dh’s brother and family.
    I hope you are able to help Jasmine through these issues. The girls sure have been through a lot. I’m glad your school stuff is going well. It is wonderful that you have cut down another semester!

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