Something Positive

Yesterday I ran into my drawing 1 teacher, who I love dearly. She gave me a hug and we chatted for a few minutes. She asked when I was coming back to take drawing 2 and I told her I don’t know but someday and that I want to take painting as well one day. She loved that idea. She mentioned that she had taken a picture of my linear perspective drawing as well as my friend Gail’s ( we had done the same hallway just from a different angle) The two complemented each other. She showed them to her drawing 2 class and they replied with “you want us to draw that?”  I had to laugh at Mary, and I said “well your drawing 1 class did it, what is wrong with your drawing 2?” She had said the same thing to them. So we said goodbye…..and life goes one.

How I miss drawing, the chance to be still and be creative. I miss Mary as well, she is wonderful and I learned so much from her. One day……I will have time to draw again. (Thank you Melanie, for your words of wisdom to me last fall 2007, they played in my head quite a bit while I was drawing, and I did get an A in that class.)

A bit of happiness within my world of chaos. As for what is going on, I”m waiting a bit longer before I share as I’m  not sure if my ex-husband has found this blog and don’t need anymore hassles from him at the moment. Hopefully one day soon I can tell all, until then please keep us in your prayers. Thank you and God bless.


4 thoughts on “Something Positive

  1. Hello Michielle! I’ve missed you and your blog. I enjoyed seeing the photo of you with the gift scarf from Applie. You look so sweet & nice, just like I imagined. :mrgreen:

    I hope your wrist is feeling better. How awful that that police officer accused you of hitting someone when all along the pain was from your fibro.

    I started up a new blog a while back. It seems easier for me to navigate, without the silly tempation of seeing how many came to my blog that day. 😆 Blogger doesnt’ have that time-consuming featuer. 😛

    Have a wonderful Thursday Miss Michielle!! Hugs, Robin

  2. I had words of wisdom? Seriously? Wow. Somebody ought to tell my Goobers straightaway. LOL I’m glad you ran into your drawing teacher; maybe that was the little push you needed to get back to your art.

    I’m sorry you’re having trouble with your ex. 😦

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