Do I look like a criminal?

Today, while taking my math exam my left wrist started spasming, from all the writing I”ve been doing this week. Remember I also have fibromyalgia and my wrists have an annoying habit of popping in and out of joint causing extreme pain. I made it through my exam and then went to health and wellness to ask for an ice pak, sports tape, ace bandages anything at that point. They dont’ do that stuff apparently and sent me to Public Safety for the use of their first aid kit. So I explain what i need and how I ended up there. The jerk cop there gets out the tape and then asks me who I hit? Excuse me? I have fibromyalgia, do you know what that is? My joint pop, causing my wrists to spasm, my chiro said to tape them when that happens and I don’t have time to see him right now, since he is in Port Clinton. Besides, I’m a psych. counseling major and I don’t think that having assault on my record would be good do you? So the other cop says to me ” you could then relate, from behind bars. ” My reply to that was, I’m sorry, I’ve been on the receiving end of domestic violence and can relate just fine without seeing the other side of it. So I signed the paper stating I had treatment and left. Although let me tell you it is hard to sign papers when you hand hurts so bad it is shaking. I came home and put scissors and sports tape in my back pack for the future. There is no way I’m wanting to go see them again. Sheesh. Not everyone that walks through their door on campus is a criminal.

Oh yes, I did get an A on my ASL mid term. Now I’m off to read the chapter for psych. and write my paper, which I get to type so that is good, less pain involved for me.


8 thoughts on “Do I look like a criminal?

  1. No, you do not look like a criminal.
    It must have been a slow week for them and they needed some excitement. I’m so glad nothing further became of that. What an ordeal!! Hope your wrists feel better soon.

  2. I’ll need to see your photo first to determine if you “look like a criminal”. 😀

    I know you are not and I cannot explain why they acted as they did, I am sorry you were treated in such a manner as you were dealing with such pain. Glad that you have what you may need in the future in your backpack, be prepared for the worst is what I like to tell people.


  3. You know, it’s the criminals that make A’s in their college classes that you really have to watch out for! 😉
    Sorry you had such a rotten run-in and a big run-around. Who would have thought of Public Safety instead of Health and Wellness? I hope you’re feeling better & congrats on your mid-term! (((Hugs)))

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