A Gift

My dear friend Applie, sent me something in the mail. I’m a bit late posting about it. I’m sorry Applie. Life has been interfering in my posting lately.


Thank you so much Applie, it is beautiful and I am very blessed to have both you as a friend and this wonderful scarf. For my great readers, I will tell you that the scarf is very soft and warm. Since the temps are already starting to dip here, I will be wearing this quite a bit. The design is incredible. Oh yes, and my son thought he was going to borrow it, Ha !!!! Not on your life Noah. This scarf is mine so hands off.

I guess since I’m writing i should try to catch you all up on what is going on. But I’m crunched for time this morning as I’m taking Cami to the chiro and have to get to school by 1:00pm. Still need a shower and to bathe Cami. I took my math test but am awaiting my grade as I am for my final psy exam grade. She hasn’t posted our essay questions yet. Ok, sorry but I will be back at some point.

Thank you Applie !!!!


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