Homeschool Agenda's

This weeks homeschooling meme from Homeschool Memoirs is obviously agenda’s. So what is our agenda one might ask? Do we even have an agenda? What do you need an agenda for? i mean after all we dont’ have to follow what the public school’s teach so why is it important

Forgive my above sense of humor. Yes, we do need a an agenda in order to stay on track. I’m sure that everyone who reads this blog will agree to homeschooling their children for excellence and that means having an agenda. Loose though it may be.

Our agenda looks like this: get up between 7-8 (mostly 7 but today I’m allowing the boys to sleep in to 8 )   🙂 the boys eat breakfast while I read the bible chapter to them; we are currently reading the book of John. Then I might read poetry or something to them while do their handwriting. After handwriting it is off to math, which takes us a bit of time. On mondays and weds. I leave about that time so the boys have to finish up what they are doing with dad. The rest of the week, I”m home until almost lunch time so we finish most of the work before I leave, except for history and occasionally science. We are still struggling to get every thing done every day. Hopefully soon we will be in a rhythm. Here is what we are using curriculum wise for the moment

The Ark 5th grade:

Math, he is finishing up Saxon Math 65 and will move onto 76

MCP Plaid Word Study D and then will move onto Word Study E (we have found that this series really helps with his dyslexia and word attack skills)

We added in Writing Strands 2 this year for writing practice

Spelling power which we love, it is quick and easy for him

We are reading Story of the World 3 & 4 instead of what Sonlight uses. But we will be using their read alouds, other history books as well as the reader’s themselves. Adrien is doing SOW as well.

Science we bought Sonlight’s science but are studying Botany and Astronomy from Apologia’s Elementary Science series. I hope to start Zoo 1 by Feb. Both boys are doing this.

For art we are using Artistic Pursuits and a drawing book. Poetry is covered from Sonlight.

As for phys. ed, the boys both swam all summer, the Ark on swim team and Adrien in swim lessons. The Ark will play basketball this winter for 3 months. Ace is a year too young yet but next year. I’m hoping at some point to take the boys up to the college to swim with me once in a while. We have a basketball hoop and the boys ride their bikes almost daily.

Ace (aka Adrien)

Horizons Math


Veritas Press Phonics Museum

A Reason for Handwriting

Artistic Pursuits


Veritas Press Phonics Museum

Horizons Math

Can You Find Me? Kindergarten

Artistic Pursuits

First Book of Nature

Living Long Ago

we have file folder games for her to do as well as puzzles and making her draw for us.

Soon we will be adding in swimming lessons for Camryn at a rec. about 20 minutes away. They are cheap and my friend Jenny teaches there. As well as getting Kendra to church weds. nights for confirmation. We will also be back to the church followed by sunday school routine. Life can be much to full for me and it is right now but with God’s grace I’m sure everything will fall into place.


4 thoughts on “Homeschool Agenda's

  1. I think that you’ll all do really well this year. I’m glad you all have a house that is closer to hubby’s work and that your schedules are working so well together.

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