Homeschool Memoirs

Homeschool Memoirs!

I saw this at my friend Elaine’s blog and had to do this to help me focus on why I’m homeschooling.

So what can I really tell you about me? I have 11 children, 5 girls and 6 boys. They range in age from 28-3 yrs old. I’ve been divorced and finally married a good christian man. I’ve gone back to college to pursue a degree in psychology counseling. I love college it is stressful to do it all but it has been good for us and is setting a good example for my children.

What I love about my life the most is that I can see a bit of my dreams that I’ve always had for my children coming to fruit in my younger set. What are those dreams? Simple ~that they would love the Lord even more than I do. That they wouldn’t have to struggle in sin before they realized that the Lord loves them. How does one do this? First marrying a christian man really helps, even if they are new in their faith, they will catch up with help and prayer. Going to church and being involved is another big issue that helps, praying with and for your children, reading them the bible, talking to them about God. And in my opinion: homeschooling them using a Christian based curriculum is important. I must point out that without modeling Christian behavior though none of these things except for the prayer really seems to be effective on their own though.

We use a mix of Sonlight and the Well Trained Mind. Although this year we have stepped away from Sonlight’s science in favor of Apologia’ Elementary series and are studying Botany and Astronomy this year and will move onto Zoology 1 in Feb.

I think for us homeschooling my younger ones have given them the time to grow in the Lord and not be confronted with constant decisions that mean trying to make the right choices. There will be plenty of time for them to learn to make choices in their lives but for now, I choose to protect them as much as possible. Now, that certainly doesn’t mean that they don’t have non Christian friends or even friends of other faiths. After all we don’t live in a vacuum or on a deserted island. unfortunately for me my older children don’t always make the right choices as adults and my younger ones see that all to well.

I’ve been homeschooling for many years with a short 3 year break between my divorce and subsequent remarriage. Even with my older children I saw great transformations, when my 2nd. daughter struggled with her reading and then got perfect scores on the reading portions of a standardized test. When my older children had to go to public schools and did very well with the adjustment. Now I have to say I’m in awe with how much The Ark (aka Noah) loves the Lord, how sometimes he gets in depth concepts of faith, that I seldom give thought to. He is dyslexic and is improving all the time with his reading skills and we are working on his comprehension, but I know that will come when he no longer struggles with word attack as much. I see my ACE (aka Adrien) learning to focus in spite of his sensory integration disorder. He still needs lots of help but I can see a bit of improvement in him and can’t wait to see how much better it gets as he ages. Our resident Princess Camryn, well she speeds through her schoolwork as long as my granddaughters aren’t here to distract her. Our youngest son, Caedmon is our joyful mischief maker at the moment. The other day we were doing school with the light on as it was dark and dreary that morning, he was giggling and jumping around; I asked him what he was doing and he said “playing”. He had found his shadow and was playing with it, just having a blast. It was precious and so renewing to me. I want my children to find joy in simple things. To have simple values, to realize that money is not everything, nor what it can buy. I want them to listen to the Lord and follow his leadings, so that they might have the faith that I came to later in life early in life.

I’m not sure that this is where I thought this post would go but it sums me up for the moment.


4 thoughts on “Homeschool Memoirs

  1. You should post the link to here at the main site where they post the theme, unless you have this set to private.

    I’m so glad that you shared this as it gives more depth to you and your journey, as well as how your kids are doing.

    I think I did, but then again one never knows about me. I will go check. Thanks.

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