Yet another busy day in the CelticMuse house.

Good Evening!!! How is everyone? Fine, I hope and pray. Our day was pretty much the norm for our summer lately. I rolled out of bed @6:45am hit the bathroom, threw on some clothes, grabbed a coke and my vitamins. Waited for the granddaughters, let them in then got Caedmon dressed, woke up the boys, fed everyone. Hustled them all into the van. Drove to the pool, let Noah out and then parked. Let the kids loose in the park to play, since we are there for an hour and a half, I have decided to do a bit of walking to up my step count. Then we went and sat in the shade for a bit, then I had to go meet Jared’s mom so hopefully she will allow him to come over for a visit one day. We had to wait a bit for Adrien to finish with his swim lesson so I visited with another mom whose daughter’s are on swim team. Finally we were able to come home, I spoke to the husband, checked the garden, started the laundry, grabbed some lunch, than ran a few errands with Cami. Came home, took a shower, went up to the college to take the placement exam. I can take either math 095 or 098~ beginning algebra or intensified beg. alg. I think I will take the 095 since it will allow me a better chance of getting an A and be much less stressful. So, I checked the times and there are only 2 times left that I can work into my life : one of them is m-th. and the other is on sat. I like weekend classes as they are much more relaxed but I know that I will miss at least one due to a prior commitment. So I will pray about it and see where the Lord leads me. Then this evening the husband took a quick nap, while a friend stopped by to give us something and we got a chance to visit. Then it was out to pick up trash in the backyard and moan at the husband for it. We were finally able to eat for the first time as a family at the dining room table since moving into our house!!!! That was nice. It still has a few things on it that need a home but hopefully soon they will be somewhere else. Our dishwasher is still not working and we haven’t had time to take the intake valve off and see if that is the problem, so I did most of the dishes by hand tonight until my back was aching so bad I had to stop. Now I’m on my way to watch a movie or something in bed until I can get the little ones to fall asleep. On the brighter side I have put in almost 11,000 steps today. I’m hoping to continue in that vein until I can lose a bit of weight. Good night to one and all.


4 thoughts on “Yet another busy day in the CelticMuse house.

  1. Can we trade lives for a bit? I would love to take a break. I’m so happy the house is ready and up for sale, now for it just to have a sold sign on it……Good luck.

  2. can you imagine almost every day like that for weeks on end? I think i”m more tired now than I was while taking classes and it all starts up again very soon.

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