The Portfolio's

I have been busy working on the boys portfolio’s this past week, as well as their scrapbooks. I have one more page to scrapbook for Adrien and I need to start on Noah’s scrapbook. I will probably start on that shortly. But first I thought I would share how I do their portfolio’s.

First~ I get a binder and add page protectors in it.

Second~ I print out subject dividers from Donna Young and put them in the binder. I then print out the reference book that I make for each child, as well as calendars of the months and the whole school year with the holiday’s marked off.

Third~ I add a copy of the list of textbooks and curriculum outline that I send into the Board of Education. I also put in the letter from the Board of Ed. excusing us from public education. This way if anyone shows up at my door I can find it easily.

Fourth~ I then add tests, copywork, history pages, science experiments, stories that they wrote, awards, plays that they went to, nature hikes usually have a pamphlet so they go into a protector.

Fifth~ when we get ready to see the teacher I take their scrapbook, binder and any workbooks that they have worked in during the year. Since i do this all year long it only takes a few hours to put together. Except for the scrapbooking~ that take me quite a few hours but I love to scrapbook and it is a gift from me to my children. Something that I do for them from my heart. I know that they already appreciate my efforts. You should see them look at their books all the time. I’ve been asked many times why don’t I let the kids do them ? My reply is always the same~ they may do a scrapbook of their own if they chose with other photos but the school pictures are for me to do for them. Think of it as something you would put into a hope chest or something special like a quilt or afghan you might make for your child. So now i”m off to do what I love~ Scrapbook for my children.


One thought on “The Portfolio's

  1. I wish that I had thought to do something like this when my kids were young. Your children are very blessed to have such a wonderful mother.

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