My little guy

Turns 3 today. He is so cute but just drives me batty at times with his quirkyness. Let’s see if I can give you a bit of a hint to his personality. Lately he is up at the crack of dawn (at least to me) Which is 6:30am (I’m so not a morning person) Upon waking he asks to watch Diego or Dora. I’m so tired of them but that is better than watching Scoobydoo yet again. For breakfast he eats whatever I will shove at him, thank goodness for that as I’m still not awake enough to care if he is really hungry. So a bowl of cereal, yogurt, peanut butter bread, toast with cinnamon on it.

Then he gives me a bit of a respite so I can drink my can of coca cola and check my email. If I take to long, he will go upstairs and wake up his siblings by shouting at them ” GOOD MORNING, GET UP, IT”S MORNING TIME” at the top of his lungs. Which gets his siblings up and very grouchy at him. As they all stumble downstairs complaining, the monster child gets distracted and is playing happily by himself in one of the bedrooms now. While the older boys do schoolwork, I can usually get Camryn to play with Caedmon in the basement for a bit of time. Then it is time for a snack and what seems like 50 cups of liquid which is making potty training a living nightmare. Before I can get a break it is lunch time and he has irritated everyone in the house 7 times 70 at least. If I”m really lucky that day I can put on a movie and he will fall asleep for an hour or two. Giving me a much needed respite from activity. God help us all if he doesnt’ sleep long enough as he is quite grouchy then for a couple of hours upon waking. On good days he wakes up so incredibly cheerful one wonders how he can be so grouchy on the other days. When it comes to bedtime he must fall asleep in Mom’s arms, he has taken to rubbing my arm to calm himself into sleep mode. I love his imagination, he plays quite well by himself and says some of the funniest things. My favorite is when he gets hurt, if it is not bad, and we laugh at his antics he tells you in no uncertain terms “That’s not funny guys” after having told you “Hey, that hurts me”. He bugs us so much some days, but then he is so lovable and talkative that you just start smiling at him. One day he crawled into my bed and the husband came home from work before he was up (the husband works nights) The husband tried to move him and was told “hey, that’s my spot, I was here first!!!” Then he laid down and went back to sleep. We have had many a laugh over that one. Here he is at his most innocent and easiest to keep up with. Happy Birthday Caedmon, I love you. Mommy


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