I was tagged……

Ok, Ginger just had to tag me to make me wake up and say hello…….. I hope you enjoy the peak into my life.

**Four things I was doing 10 years ago….**

  1. Let’s see 10 year ago, Noah would have been 7 months old. I was still dealing with a hateful ex and court battles. But I was watching my girls during the day while he worked, it was great. Until he lost his job and was home all day.
  2. Trying to update a century home.
  3. Getting ready for the kids to invade my too small house for the summer.
  4. Enjoying my family as much as possible while under a great deal of stress.

**Four things I was doing 5 years ago….*

  1. Hmmm, Camryn was 3 months old and my husbands part time job closed down unexpectedly.
  2. I went to work as a postpartum doula.
  3. I wasn’t dealing with court stuff anymore, Praise God.
  4. We were homeschooling Noah

** Four things I am doing this year….**

  1. Working on my degree
  2. Updating our house. I should be able to post pictures of the dining room soon
  3. Getting ready to plan next years homeschooling
  4. Watching my 2 granddaughters for the summer

**Four things I did yesterday….**

  1. Did  laundry
  2. Took Noah to Taco Bell for lunch, went to Target and the library
  3. Looked through the stuff a friend sent over for me.
  4. Gosh, I didn’t do much yesterday at all, although I did watch part of the new exercise dvd I got from amazon.

**Four shows I like….**

  1. The Highalnder, I either get them form the library or watch them online.
  2. Law & Order
  3. Crossing Jordan, which ended and need to see if I can watch it online or get them from the library
  4. House

**Four biggest joys of the moment….**

  1. My children, even with all the issues of having adult children who aren’t always making wise choices, I love them all and would still have them if I were to get a do over.
  2. My house, we are really enjoying our house. It is in a great neighborhood, we have a great yard.
  3. Right now? the fact that I am working towards my degree. For me that is a wonderful thing.
  4. My friends, I have a great circle of friends both in real life and online and they get me through the rough spots of life.

So there you have it, my rather boring answers. My life is usually in some sort of chaos but, it doesn’t always reflect in survey type meme’s.


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