slideshow part 2


7 thoughts on “slideshow part 2

  1. Love it!! Um, your kitchen looks a little clutter, like you just moved in or something. LOL

    ya think? It is going to look that way until I get out of school in May. *shakes head*what a mess.

  2. It is beautiful, Michielle. Thanks for taking the time to post the pics.

    Moving is hard, drawn-out work. If you’re like me, I want the stuff put away, right, the first time b/c once it’s put away…’s going to stay there for a long time. My husband is the opposite. He wants to unbox everything and start stuffing. I’m glad our moving days are over!

    You are so much like me 🙂 the husband isn’t too bad but I can tell he wants us to be a bit more settled but is trying to patiently wait. Thank you, I really love this house and the neighborhood os wonderful, we walked to church this morning!!!

  3. You have a nice yard. I imagine your children will have a lot of fun there. =)
    they are already having fun, and there is a park right across the street with playground equipment, so I don’t have to buy any *grinning* that leaves me room to see if we can grow a garden somewhere.

  4. The purple flower bush is an azalea….my neighbor has the exact thing in his yard as do we….ours are just pink.
    I thought it was an azalea but Katie said it wasn’t and when I went looking on the internet I saw a rhodo. just like it, Doug’s wife stopped by on her way home yesterday and said it was an azalea also. I like it, but it suffered damage from the winter so needs to be trimmed back when I get he chance. As do most of my bushes. I saw the prettiest tree for my yard if we get the money to take down the oak that is leaning over my house.

  5. Oh my! I feel terrible that I didn’t notice that I didn’t have you on the reader right or something!

    MANY many congratulations! This is fabulous! I’m so very happy for you and pray that God bless you’re family here in this home for many, many years!
    Hi, i”m so glad you stopped by! Thank you for your prayers they are much appreciated. Put me on your reader and come by sometimes, I’ve missed you *when I ‘ve had time to anyway*

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