Looking for signs of spring in NE Ohio

So yesterday we made a trip to the zoo to looking and see if spring was finally on it’s way. It seems to come later and later each year and then disappear into blazing summer before you even realize that spring has sprung. Nothing like going from 30 ish temps to 85+ temps in just a few weeks.

So this is what we saw on our search….

So yes, Spring is official here and we are so incredibly thankful to the Lord for his wondrous creation of seasons and flowers. Spring is always a wonderful reminder of the Lord’s greatness as well as the renewal of life. Have a great spring!!!


One thought on “Looking for signs of spring in NE Ohio

  1. Thanks for sharing your signs of spring. I thought it was happening around here but we had a snow storm over the weekend (I had to drive in it) and we may get more Tues & Wed. This is what happens when we get an early breakup – spring snow storms that send everyone into a panic.yep, that has happened here a few times as well. I’m sorry though, as I’m sure you are ready for spring as well.

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