What a long day!!!!

So I woke up with a headache just below migraine proportions.

Had to get ready to go to my MOPS steering team meeting and confirm whether

or not this group would close or not. What a trying meeting, everyone is sad,

I feel horrible for being the coordinator who will most likely close the group.

I came home to the boys quilts being here.

They look nice and we can’t wait to decorate their room.

We are still moving forward with the house, talked to the realtor

and he said that he had to send a contractor out today to verify

that the “damp spot” in the basement was just that a damp spot

from no heat being on and not a leak in the basement.

After that we should be ok, we should hear something hopefully tomorrow.

Please keep praying for us to close soon.

I got 46/50 on my midterm exam in art appreciation. I could have done better

but was a bit stressed and got at least 2 wrong because I misread the question.

I’m working on my ethics stuff so I can take the exam for that next week I hope.

Ok, enough for an update for now.


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