Starting the Portfolio's

Since we are moving in a few weeks I’m trying to get things into the boys portfolio so that in May i’m not a crazy woman trying to find their work for the teacher. We may be behind in our school as far as book work but I’m amazed at all we have done since last June. Here is a brief synopsis.

  1. June 2007~ Noah went to camp, boys took swimming lessons, went to see a play about Rachel Carson. Went to the zoo and saw the Dinosaur exhibit with friends, as well as the animal show there.
  2. July ~ 4th of July parade, and fireworks, more swim lessons, cook outs at the park almost every week, hike the O & E Canal lock 39. Saw the “Stinky Plant” at the Rain Forest.
  3. August~Swim lessons, Upwards Soccer Camp, Bug Fest, finish the summer reading club for church, painting Grandma’s upstairs hallway. Did some botany experiments and graphing.
  4. Sept. ~ Took a few nature walks, started back to sunday school. Did our yearly visit to squire’s castle.
  5. October ~ more hikes, Boo at the Zoo, celebrating the 5 October birthdays.
  6. November~ getting ready for the holidays, helping out at church with dad, spending time with Grandma E. Celebrated Dad’s birthday.
  7. December~ Noah, playing basketball. Singing in the Children’s Choir for Christmas Eve, started house hunting, visiting with the Godparents, celebrating my birthday. Putting up trees in our church sanctuary.
  8. January ~ Welcoming in the New Year, a trip to the zoo on a crazy warm day 1/8/08, bought a house,
  9. February~ Celebrated V-Day, picked out colors for rooms in our new house. Went to the Car Show. Saw Tetelestai at our church.
  10. March~ will see us celebrating Noah’s first communion and moving into our new home. As well as Easter.
  11. April~ hopefully will see us planning a garden for May. Hoping to get to the Art Museum.
  12. May~ getting ready for Noah to go to camp, seeing the teacher, signing up for swim team and lessons for Adrien and Camryn. Mom is taking the summer off from college.

This was just a quick look at our year and what the next few months will look like. I have to get Adrien a scrapbook and start scrapping their photos for the teacher. I think I will order him a book asap and then work on it a bit during spring break in between packing. If I get the time, with these classes I’m taking.

So what are you doing to get ready for the end of the year?


2 thoughts on “Starting the Portfolio's

  1. What a nice year you’ve had!

    Is it really time to think about the end of the year already? Luckily I’ve been adding to the portfolios all year so I won’t have much to do with those except print out pictures of the field trips/activities. We’re just going along like we usually do. 🙂

    Hi Melanie, it is nice to see you. Thanks, we did have a nice year. I’m envious, I’m still trying to figure out what to do with their workbooks, should I save them as is or shall I just ripe out a few pages and put them in their portfolios. I’m not getting their pictures done this year, 😦 moving and my classes are keeping me so busy. I will be scrapping them after we see the teacher the way it looks.

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